Professional CCTV Monitoring

24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year

When you leave your property on an evening, you want the reassurance that while you’re not there, everything is still being looked after. For many years, manned guarding has been the only way to protect property out of hours but this is an extremely costly and inefficient way of dealing with things in today’s world.
A monitored CCTV system from TI Security removes the need for a guard, providing you with coverage at all times when your site is unattended.

How does it work?

The CCTV system is set up so that it covers vulnerable areas of your site. All of the cameras are wired back to the clever control equipment which records camera footage and provides a link to our professional monitoring station. In the event that one of the cameras is ‘activated’, one of our monitoring station operatives gets an immediate view of the area including pre-activation and post-activation footage. This provides the operative with sufficient information to make a swift decision meaning that your key holders and the police will be called if necessary.

What are the disadvantages of having manned security?

  • Cost – Manned guarding can be a very expensive and ongoing cost to your business
  • Manned guards can only be in one place at a time giving potential intruders ‘gaps’ in which to access the site
  • Vulnerability – A manned guard is a target for potential intruders

What are the advantages of a monitored CCTV system?

  • Cost – A monitored CCTV system is a cost effective solution. There is a one off installation cost. The only recurring cost after installation is maintenance and monitoring. This is significantly cheaper than having a manned guard and you could see a return on investment in just one year.
  • Efficient – A monitored CCTV system always be alert, no matter what time of day or night it is.

Can my existing CCTV system be monitored?

  • Most existing CCTV systems can be upgraded to become a monitored system with the addition of a transmission device which is then linked to our monitoring station.
  • One of our surveyors will always attend site prior to any works going ahead and will advise if any of the existing system requires upgrading to make it suitable for monitoring.

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