TI Security Automatic Sliding Gates

Through nearly 5 decades of experience security solutions; TI Security has invested the knowledge and insight gained into developing our very own high quality automatic sliding gate products.

Types of sliding gates

We offer two different types of automatic sliding gate:

Tracked sliding gates – this type of gate is fitted with 2 wheels on the bottom. These wheels run smoothly along a track that spans the road opening to be controlled. However, while the above system is very hardwearing and effective, it is generally only chosen when space is limited and a cantilever sliding gate can’t be installed.

Cantilever sliding gates – these gates require no track, but a little more space to operate. With no track installation needed, groundworks are kept to a minimum, so business can carry on as usual while the system is put in place. Another key benefit is that there’s no track to be impacted by the passing of heavy vehicles; with no chance of damage over time to an operational component, you have additional peace of mind in regards to reliability.

Sizes and features

A single gate leaf can span from 2 to 10 meters; so a double configuration offers protection to an aperture of up to 20 meters. All of our automatic sliding gates come with a very high quality motor; these 3 phase motors use an inverter, meaning they only require 230 volt supply; this provides a 100% duty cycle rate, allowing you to operate your gates more frequently.  Our sliding gates can be powder coated in line with your company’s brand colours, building or fence line.

Automatic Gate Safety

When it comes to motorised sliding gates, safety is absolutely paramount. When you choose TI Security as your partner, you will receive the highest safety standards possible. For example: Dual height photocells; if something breaks the beam in the gate opening, the gate will automatically stop and pull back. With all of these fantastic safety features, any risk of someone being entrapped or drawn into the mechanism is mitigated.

Automatic Sliding Gate Demonstration Videos

The video below exhibits our installation at Linpac Packaging. Our sliding gates are all 100% rated so are ideal for busy industrial applications. The next video showcases our installation at Hesco Bastion. Hesco Bastion enlisted TI security to manufacture and install a substantial and reliable system to protect their premises. We installed automatic gates, turnstiles and access control which can be seen in the video below.

Maximum service, minimum disruption

Our security experts will work closely with you to ensure that you get the exact functionality required for your site. We’ll take care of every stage for you, from design, to manufacture and installation – and we even offer competitively priced automatic gate maintenance packages. We deliver our gates as one complete piece; a fast and efficient service that ensures minimal disruption to your business. In most circumstances, we can install your gate system without affecting access on your site.

Automatic sliding gates are the ideal access solution for commercial and industrial sites, where a heavy duty, durable and reliable system is required. To speak directly to one of our friendly team about your requirements, call us on 0113 281 2106.

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