Fingerprint Readers – Biometric Access Control

Our biometric finger print scanner uses multi-spectral imaging to provide a reliable and cost effective access control or identification security system.

The finger print reader is able to correctly identify registered fingerprints with levels of certain substances present on the skin, as well as with some types of latex gloves worn by the user. The biometric reader is able to withstand greater levels of dust, dirt, oil, powder, cream and liquid.

Unlike most fingerprint readers, our unique access control system can be used externally in harsh environments including rain, freezing temperatures and snow.

Our security system can read:

  • Wet fingers
  • Dry fingers
  • Dirty
  • Elderly (where the fingerprint appears to have worn away)
  • High levels of ambient light

Can be connected and interfaced with all makes and models of our access and security products:

  • Operate and open access controlled doors
  • Raise and lower every make of automatic traffic barrier and car park barrier
  • Unlock magnetic locks, maglocks, electric releases, solenoid bolts and many other electric locking systems
  • All electric sliding gates including cantilever and traditional type automatic gates
  • Open any make and model of automatic swing and automatic slide apart doors
  • Full height turnstiles, half height turnstiles and speed gates
  • All electric and automatic swing gates, high speed bi-folding gates
  • Lifts and elevators
  • Will operate with many existing and new access control systems from Paxton, Stanley Security, Nortech etc

Can be used in the following applications:

  • Enable authorised use of dangerous machinery, or equipment where specific training is required
  • Construction sites where access to site needs to be seamless and quick without compromising security. Know who’s on site at all times
  • Nurseries and primary schools. Installed on entrances and exits to ensure that only parents, staff and those registered are able to gain access to the premises
  • To authenticate and identify parents and guardians in nurseries and primary schools prior to picking up their children. With no keys or fobs, parents and authorised persons can be assured that nobody but them can collect their children
  • To restrict access to dangerous or sensitive areas
  • Time and attendance, payroll, roll call and emergency evacuations

What about privacy and security of data?

For those concerned with privacy or the possibility that their fingerprint could be copied and used for ulterior purposes, it should be noted that the biometric reader does not copy or retain the actual fingerprint, rather it identifies and acquires up to 100 unique reference points. It is these points that are used to identify the registered user. The reference points along with their relative positioning create a pattern which is as unique as the fingerprint itself. It is not possible from the unique references points to create a copied or usable fingerprint.

The set of numerical codes and patterns that are created by your fingerprint image are useless outside of granting you access. In this way, the pattern we store is unusable to police, potential hackers or thieves.

You can rest assured that if someone tried to run the data we collect for access control through a criminal database it would not work.

Specific features of our high security fingerprint reader are:

  • Identification and unlocking of a door for registered users takes less than 4 seconds
  • Can be used with up to 10,000 registered users as standard
  • Climate control heater is standard within the access control reader head unit
  • Easy to use and very quick
  • Vandal resistant
  • Can differentiate between live human fingerprints as opposed to false prints made from synthetic materials
  • Can operate externally in temperatures down to -20 degrees
  • Does not store data within the external biometric reader, rather within the master control unit which can be located in a secure location
  • Can be connected to most existing access control systems. Please check with our security consultant for further details
  • Is IP65 rated (water jets and dust tight)
  • The biometric reader has audio and LED indication as standard to indicate to alert the user that access is granted
  • No lost cards or staff swapping of cards
  • Use only high quality and highly reliable components. Many biometric and fingerprint readers have gained a very bad reputation for failure to read or operate. Not this system!
  • We include desktop readers to allow remote enrolling to the access control system wherever is easiest for you. You will not have to stand by the actual readers to enrol users
  • Can be installed with optional battery backup

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