Perimeter Detection Systems

Building Detection System

Very often your building will be the first or second obstacle that a criminal or saboteur will encounter. It’s vital that at this early stage in an attack, your burglar alarm monitoring station, security team or CCTV monitoring centre are alerted.

Buildings with a Burglar Alarm Detection System can very often deter an attack in the first place.

Where the deterrent affect is not sufficient, making audio speaker challenges using live and pre-recorded messages at the point of activation will warn off most attackers.

How does the Building Detection System work?

Initially our security consultants will carry out a risk assessment in conjunction with you or your site security manager to determine likely entry points and the manner in which entry may be achieved.

The system comprises a sensor wire which can be quickly installed directly on to the wall or metal cladding. Alternatively, the sensor wire can be installed into a conduit which is itself fitted to the building fabric. The sensor cable has no moving parts and is extremely reliable.

We will install external analysers at intervals along the building perimeter which will read the vibration in the sensor wire and report back to our control system. All detection parameters are adjustable for optimum performance.

Each section of the building can be identified according to the analyser location. This information can automatically trigger a pan tilt zoom (PTZ) camera to the specific location, raise an alarm in your security control room or direct a mobile security patrol to the location.

We will assess the natural background vibration level at the Building Detection System during commissioning to determine the optimum sensitivity settings. To avoid false alarms, a certain level of undergrowth maintenance may be required, such as cutting back branches on trees and bushes that are within striking distance of the building and Building Detection System.

Our security consultants can provide advice on this matter during a site survey.

Building Detection System Features:

  • Can be fitted to existing breeze block, concrete block, brick, and metal clad elevations.
  • Has a very high detection rate.
  • Can be programmed to detect cutting and hammering (either hand or mechanical).
  • Can be networked, scalable and expanded to suit your needs.
  • Can be interfaced with third party control systems and integrated security systems.
  • The status of all detection zones can be monitored using our specially designed software package or connected to existing intruder alarm systems, remotely monitored CCTV and manned control centres.
  • Can be interfaced with CCTV systems to automatically pan, tilt and zoom cameras to alarm activations.
  • Includes full event logging of alarm and tamper activations.
  • Incorporates tamper detection.

Can be installed in:>

  • Schools, and commercial and industrial applications.
  • High security applications.
  • Prisons, police stations and criminal juustice sites.
  • Airfields and airports.

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