Hesco Bastion – Access control, automatic sliding gate and more

Hesco_Bastion_GateHesco Bastion is one of the leading providers of defence, environmental and protective barriers and structures; supplying innovative products and solutions to clients across the world.

Serving military and international organisations such as the Ministry of Defence; along with the provision of civil engineering, restoration and flood protection equipment to all kinds of clients; Hesco Bastion’s products have saved people, property and money in a huge array of circumstances. The famous Camp Bastion in Afghanistan is named after the company; it’s products are used to defend and secure the perimeter at all helicopter and fast jet hangers.

With a great reputation and a clear need for a high level of site security themselves; we’re proud to have been selected as their chosen onsite security provider in the UK.

Client requirements

In order to ensure their premises, products, guests and personnel are protected against any potential breaches or unwanted visitors; Hesco required a full site survey and security audit.

With security of paramount importance; Hesco needed an up-to-date solution to control both vehicular and pedestrian access; while also ensuring that all health and safety factors would be met. We were asked to secure the perimeter; but to allow access to authorised pedestrians and vehicles, secure the buildings, while allowing access to authorised personnel. The client also required site-wide CCTV and the capability to identify and record all licence plates of vehicles visiting the premises.

Automatic gates are a fantastic way of helping to secure a site; but they have come under scrutiny in the past due to the powerful gate motors and mechanisms causing deaths. You can read more about this on the HSE website.

The solutionHesco-Bastion-TI-Security

It was clear following discussions with the client and site visit, that we would need to take a thorough approach; ensuring that all security measures designed and installed met appropriate standards, and provided the high level of access control required. Therefore, we developed a turnkey solution, taking care of everything from the groundwork’s up.

Our work with Hesco on this project included sourcing and installing the following:

  • All civil engineering works, including concrete foundations and creating inbound and outbound lanes, kerbing.
  • Heavy duty, 2.4m high automatic sliding gate with anti-climb spikes; 358 prison mesh infill, 100% duty rated motor for continuous usage
  • Traffic island including Armco barrier, intercom and proximity reader pedestal
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Site-wide CCTV system delivering HD real time images
  • Automatic number plate recognition
  • Full height, dual directional turnstile with anti-climb spikes, complete concrete foundations, ducting and footpath
  • Networked access control with time and attendance capability, roll call for emergencies, event logging and time schedules
  • Access control interfaced with automatic sliding doors
  • Remote viewing and networking interfacing
  • Automatic sliding doors repairs and service
  • Proximity readers
  • All electrical works
  • Comprehensive maintenance contract and 24hr emergency call out

As with all of our projects, this security solution was tailor-made to suit the client’s exact requirements.

Hesco-Bastion-TI-SecurityThe Result

The client said: “We were very pleased with the consultation and the quality of the products and service provided. We felt that the advice given was tailored to our exact needs. Rather than just a standard approach – which gave us the confidence in their ability to deliver; they did to our complete satisfaction.”



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