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Established in 1997, Manchester based Russells Construction is one of the North West’s leading companies in the construction industry, and a member of the Considerate Contractors Scheme. Furthermore; the company has earned a great reputation over the years and boasts an impressive portfolio of well-known clients, including Travelodge, Premier Inn, Asda, FedEx, Waitrose and B&Q, with successful projects spanning a variety of locations, such as Manchester, Harrogate and Liverpool.

Client requirements

As a matter of fact; TI Security has worked with Russells Construction on many occasions, providing a range of access control solutions to ensure that their sites are safe, secure and well managed.

On the other hand; their primary requirements is a need to control access through entrance portacabins at their construction sites; in addition with an integrated, networked system to help them log and manage staff and contractor data.

The solution

As a result; to meet the client’s needs; we designed and installed a sophisticated and multi-faceted system with a variety of capabilities, consisting of:

  • Biometric access control pads – a fast and efficient access solution; permanent staff and contractors can be easily registered for hand print recognition, allowing site access to be granted without the need for manual checks
  • Entry/exit turnstiles – these ensure that nobody can enter the construction site without going via the biometrics system; which will automatically enable the turnstile upon print recognition
  • Fire alarm networking – sounding of the fire alarm will automatically override the turnstile system; switching it to ‘free rotate’ to ensure safety and fast evacuation
  • Integrated data software – our smart software ensures a reliable networked solution; enabling Excel data exports for site managers to monitor staff/contractor timesheets and help in the event of employment disputes. It offers the facility to implement segmentation for different workforce groups.
  • Adjustable access parameters – then, biometric and turnstile system offers the capability to allow or deny entry on specified days/times; and can be set on a person-by-person, or work group.

The resultTI Security Russells Construction Access Control

All things considered; Gareth and Andy Russell, Directors of Russells Construction; have been delighted with the results of the installation, saying: “Site safety and security is of paramount importance to us, and the biometric facility makes access management much quicker and easier. In conclusion; we have found that the additional functionality offered by the software is a bonus; collating data for tasks that would be much more time consuming otherwise.”

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